Couple of DSD player firmware requests

  1. All my other players show the length of a disc on the display when it’s idle. This would be nice to have on the player and something I didn’t know until now that I rely on. Sometimes I just don’t want to play a short disc, for example.

  2. It’s nice that when the drawer is open I can power off from the remote and the drawer closes - all with one button press. What I would like is to be able to press play with a disc in the open drawer and the drawer closes and the disc plays. At the moment when I press play the drawer closes but I have to press play again to play the disc.

Do you have a PWT or the DMP transport?

The DMP with recent firmware will do your second request.
Press play, the drawer closes and play starts (usually).

I have the DMP, and I just tried it and YES it works, pressing play. Thanks. I just need the display to show the length if the disc now and will have no complaints.