Covert art on PWD and PWT


I’m not able to download cover arts on the PWT.

In the web page ( I can see the disk I’m playing and the cover art is present but it is not displayed on the the equipment’s screen (in the upper part there is an error message “cover art not found”)

the PWT I’ve just bought has SN pwt id 014025. I’ve also tried to upgrade the sw to version 20 and 22 but no changes.

On the PWD the cover art appears from time to time. may be there is a dimension size limit for the pictures to be diplayed?




Do you have an SD card placed properly in the back of the PWT?


Yes I’ve insertede SD cards in both the equipments (2G in the PWT and 4 G in the PWD)




I believe both cards are limited to 2 GB.


Hi Oreste,

I can think of three things that we can consider:

  1. Is there a small written message on the top of the display of the transport? If there is a communication problem with the server it will say something like ‘R/W error’

  2. There is a size limit of the cover art files that the transport can display. it is 150 pixels by 150 pixels. I’m not certain what will happen with a larger file. It might try to display it, but it might not.

  3. We have had a few instances of the file written on the SD card getting corrupted, and causing cover art to not display. If you have a computer that you can insert the SD card into, you can test this possibility by erasing any files that are on the SD card, and putting it back into the transport.



I’ve tried to delete the Sd card but the results is the same.

the error message dispayed is “cover art not found”. that’s strange because un the web page ( is displayed the cover art of the album I’m playing (i.e. the server can see what is happening in the PWT and can find the right cover art … but can not download the picture to the SD card in the PWT).

the 150x150 pixel limit (i.e. 67MB) is also true for the DSD? I’ve ordered it to the Italian disti and I’m waiting for it to arrive.

thanks a lot



Hello Oreste

I have these problem too,since this weekend can’t see any cd,not in my playlist and ofcourse the PWT display.

The display on my PWT shows me internet ok and sd card okay

Have send a lot of mails about this corrupted system,buth still no improvement.

It is frustating that these problem began after the so called webside update.

Posted a few weeks ago already about this issue

best regard



I’ve found that getting the PWT to successfully download track listings and cover art takes a bit of patience.

Here are some things to check and try:

  • Verify that the SD card is inserted upside down - the metal connectors should be facing up, not down.
  • Verify that the SD card is not locked.
  • Try a different SD card.
  • Reset your network connection and then reboot the PWT.
  • Load the disc, wait for the "art not found" error. Reload the disc.
  • If the track list loads but the art doesn't, reload the disc.
  • If the track list loads but the art doesn't and reloading the disc doesn't fix it, try later in the day - the art might get found somehow.
  • Lean the CD case in front of the display, stop fussing with the PWT, and enjoy the music.