Crazy loud strange noise from new sprout

Hey guys

I was pretty excited when I found the sprout! Reviews were great and I purchased a unit from your friends at the turntable lab with some elac B5s. I have had zero time to actually chill and use the system. It doesn’t have an hour of use yet. Turned it on this morning and was greeted with the loudest obnoxious squelching from the speakers. I had planned to properly wire in the cable with banana connectors that day, in hopes that maybe some cause of the issue? I completed wiring the new connectors. Again, same result. I had it on blue tooth and was trying to stream from my phone. I cycled the blue tooth on my phone and shut down the sprout. No joy. I removed the speakers completely and instead plugged in headphones. Same issue. Same result for all input selections, although there are no others in use?

I turned off and unplugged the sprout for several hours. With speakers still unplugged I connected headphones and powered on. Initially heard a brief squelch (I’m calling the sound it is making a squelch. I don’t know why I have chosen to use this non-word to describe it)

I had restarted my phone, connected the sprout with Bluetooth and started streaming some music. Sounded great through the headphones. I turned down the volume, plugged in the speakers, unplugged headphones and walked away. A few minutes later, without touching anything. And with the volume all the way down, that ungodly sound returned through the speakers. I unplugged the speaker, powered off, plugged in the headset and made this video.

Any clue as to what is wrong? The unit is not near any other electronics? So I don’t think its interference? I have emailed PS service

I did briefly search the forum to see if this is a known issue. My apologies if I did not search more diligently or provide enough information to help with this issue.


That is an awful screech.

I think you need a replacement unit.

Was the sound coming from the speakers (which were disconnected), the headphones (sounded way too loud for that) or ? That is an awful sound and something is seriously wrong, but seems to defy logic!?

No, that sound came from the headphones. It is crazy loud and Like I said the volume was down.

Howdy @dgauld

WOW! That is incredibly loud. I’m surprised that amount of noise was coming from the headphones alone.

We’ll get you a replacement ASAP!

Can you send me an email to in order to get the ball rolling.


Crazy loud indeed! That could do hearing damage! Sure hope this is one off failure, I’ve thought of getting a Sprout for a work area system, but I would not be happy if that happened to me … Hope your speakers and/or headphones weren’t damaged by the high levels.