Crossover and Fusion

This is both different and familiar sounding while bringing a taste of laplandic Sami to Jazz.

Frode can probably fill us in on any personal concert experience?

I just prepared an answer to you Gordon, but it was lost yet again when changing tabs in Safari. I think I just have to post and then edit the post with more info or paste it in after using an editor first :(

I have attended concerts with Mari a few times (way back) and also have a few of her albums. The SQ is very good and music northern jazz inspired with some World (Sami joik) thrown in. She uses excellent musicians, e.g. Mazur.

Also, you should check out Kari Bremnes from Kirkelig Kulturverksted. Frequently used as demo at hifi venues:

Another interesting group “Oi Va Voi” with Eastern European and Asian Judaeo roots and an “experimental” twist.