Crown Moulding?

I feel like this question should be posted on an HGTV thread!!!

Paul, what size crown moulding needs to be installed in order to be considered effective? Have you played around with different sizes or is it generally effective as long as it’s installed?

I’ve noticed this will be going up in your new music rooms, and I have the option to do it as well. Plus, it has a very high WAF (wife acceptance factor) given how good it looks anyways - which is needless to say hard to come by in high-end audio!!!


I’ll let you know when the contractor lets me know. I told him as tall as practical so probably something like 4” but we’ll see.

Thank you, Paul. My room would be overwhelmed by 4" moulding (I figured you guys would use something a bit larger), so I’ll be curious to see what transpires. Thanks.