Cul De Sac. Album CD release coming soon....

I am posting here because I’d like to enhance my audience for an album which I wrote, performed on and produced myself with a tiny budget using a home studio. This is not a demo but a complete recording. I am not a record label but a private individual. If you want to support the work of unsigned artists then you are welcome to buy a copy of any track or the whole album, then you can without supporting some record company exec.

I used a Roland XP10, Alesis SR16 drum machine, Atari 1040 running Mastertracks 1.11, Yamaha AW16g portastudio and a borrowed Neumann U87.

Cul De Sac is an album that was released online in 2012 and will be getting a limited CD release later in 2015. Lack of budget has delayed this much-needed Indie release.

This is a very fresh-sound collection of songs, all reminiscent of power-pop or sythpop of the 1980s but still managing to be fairly wide in style and more grown-up in content. It is an imaginative collection written over quite a long period of time which you can enjoy for the sake of listening to a pop song or for the meaning that the lyrics might have for you in your own life.

Thank you for allowing me to post on your forum and for supporting the work of original artists.