Curious ringing

What are your thoughts ? ,…A curious issue developed in the form of a slight ringing noise coming only from the left channel , from a cold start it takes about 15 - 20 minutes to develop.

I just recently put this little system together used primarily for headphone listening consisting of PS Audio PWT , W4Sound 2v2 SE dac , Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S preamp with headphone input , Accuphase tuner all plugged into a PS Audio P5 .

Thank you for your help ,.


Hi Mark,

Because you’re only hearing the ringing in one channel, I’m pretty confident in ruling out a ground loop, which is a very good thing!!

A good trouble shooting idea is to take pieces out of the system one by one. If you take the DAC out of the system and the noise goes away, it’s likely that we can blame the DAC for the noise.

Stay in touch with your findings, and feel free to reach out to

I’ll do that , thank you for the reply Jamesh

Hi James , I took the dac out including disconnecting the tuner with only the headphones into the preamp however the ringing is still persistent though slight and does not change with tuning the volume ,.

Hey Mark,

Do you still hear the ringing if you only have the headphones in the Pre, and no sources plugged into it?

Hi James , Yes I narrowed down to the preamp ,.