D/A Distortion Compensator

This mystery device has been the subject of occasional discussion over the decades.
Since Ted Smith seems to seem to be informed about ASIC/FPGAs, I thought perhaps he could chime in.
Notably, certain Kenwood players in the late 1980s used a “TC17G005AF-0048.” 44-pin device.

===== From a DIYA thread:

Kenwood DP-1100SG cd player which sounds great, no doubt helped by many items as standard eg twin Transformers, multiple regulators, separate digital / analog boards, cast alloy cdm, etc.
One thing it has is a ‘D/A Distortion Compensator’ chip, TC17G005AF-0048.
It sits between the digital filter, SM5804D, and the D/A chips, PCM56P-K, with an output feeding the I/V converter for nulling distortion at 1KHz -20dB and 100Hz 0dB.
It looks as though it may reclock the I2S lines.


Any idea what it might be? Someone suggested a gate array. But at 44 pins, that’s quite a lot of processing for simple re-clocking.