DAC hookup

Hey guys,

I just picked up a DLIII. Long story short, I’m trying to figure out the best to utilize this. I had it running with an airport express, but I was getting some stuttering and lagging with this. I’m trying to see if there’s a better component I can use to run with this? I’m mostly using WAVs off of iTunes. Running these from a laptop directly into my receiver is, obviously, not utilizing the DAC. I appreciate any info or assistance. Thank you!



Hi Drew. If you’re getting stuttering it’s no doubt your network not the DAC. The Airport Express isn’t the best for such things - as much as I love Apple - you might try a better router.

Thanks for the response! Is there a similar component of better quality or, if using iTunes, I’ll have to use an apple device?

Thanks again!


No, you don’t need an Apple device to use iTunes but if you wish to stay with Apple, simply go to their real router, the Airport Extreme. Otherwise there are any number of excellent routers out their. Mine’s from Linksys. Nothing too special.

Paul I think it depends on how he is using the Express. If he is using it as a router replacing it as you suggest would probably help. But the Express can also be used as a bridge or to stream directly from iTunes on a Mac using Airtunes to the Express and then by Toslink to the DAC. I haven’t done this on a regular basis but most people report good results this way, at least when the computer and Express are in the same room or close by.

Drew, exactly what is your configuration?