Dectet into DPP20?

Dectet into DPP20?

I know most companies say not to do this. I seem to remember that MR. McGowan said it is okay? Don’t really remember. Why I am asking. I am not nearly at 20 Amps nor are all of my outlets in use. I just need a little extra reach for a couple of things. I will plug like 2 things into the Dectect. Is this okay and safe or ill advised? Thank you -Todd

I’m not sure what your question is.
Are you asking if P20 can be plugged into Dectet? And you want to do this because P20 can’t plug directly into wall socket?
If you want longer reach, use longer power cables.
It is safe to plug P20 into Dectet. However, using Dectet seems to me to be an expensive way to achieve longer reach, if that’s what you’re doing.

NoNo. I mean can I plug the Dectet into the P20! Other way around lol.

I already have 1 P20 and 2 Dectets so it is not a money issue. Although I could use an Isobar for this just fine I imagine. You probably know that the Isobars are decent quality. I just thought you could not put any type of surge suppressor ahead of another per the Electrical code? Not sure. Even so not to split hairs that the P20 is not exactly a “surge suppresser” I honestly doubt it hurts but they must have some reason. If I am correct.

I have a dedicated listening room. I wanted to put a TV and SAT box in the corner that’s all. As I said I already have 2 dectet and some Isobars. TV is not my thing so either shall suffice, if doing so is in fact safe. Which if you say the P20 can be plugged in the dectet I imagine it is! I would have never guessed that. What would be expensive is buying 5 Meter power cords! I only like AC-12. Therein would lie another problem. These devices take 2 prong electric. I use AQ X2.

I just wondered regardless of code if I am even right about that, is it generally safe. I think you pretty much just answered that! Thanks

So you want to use the Dectet to distribute regenerated power at some point past the P20, right?

You can place the Dectet before the P20 if you wish. And the P20 is quite a robust surge protector. Placing the Dectet before the P20 is not something I would recommend just because you’re adding impedance that you don’t need. But if it helps, it’s certainly better placing it in front than at the P20 output where the increased impedance is definitely not a good thing.

Yes but I guess MR. McGowan just said that is not a god idea. What about just a plain “power strip” No electronics, surge or anything. More or less a Multi-tap extension cord? Remember these items are of little importance to me how hey perfoirm. The TV. I just do not wish to do anything dangerous.


The Dectet or a power strip are fine and certainly not dangerous. If you’re not interested is quality then go for it.

I am interested very much in quality. The issue is it is a little easier to move the Dectet than the P20! Anyways this is just some TV stuff not my forte, audio is. So I guess it does not matter. Knowing me already though, I do not want to blow out this stuff. Don’t care how it looks but if I am going to cause it to fail I just need Sparky to run another line there. I am sure one of my Dectets is good enough for TV I don’t care about in it’s own wall outlet.

I was very surprised about the impedance though. I honestly thought it would just be like an extension cord on the P20. Which come to think of it may be the answer. Since it will cost $$ to run another line for things I do not even care about but just entertain guests. I have 3x 4AWG in 1-1/2 solid conduit on GFCI+AFCI. Those may add noise but are code. going to the P20 from about 90 feet. I am using a receptacle with a 30 Amp screw on connector I prefer with a custom cord to 20A at the side of the P20. The breaker is 20A of course. So I am feeding it good. I already paid the Electrician lol. No reason to mess it up. I gather extension cord because it is the electronics in the Dectet that cause the issues?

I ended up using a high end extension cord built out of Audiophile cabling. It has no electronics. It is just terminated at a box of 6(3x2) high end Audiophile outlets. This is hopefully fine and safe. I am not nearly overloading it. The issue I was going to run into was plugging filtered electronics into it. This has none. It is simply a few outlets wired together with no electronics whatsoever. Let the P20 do what it is supposed to. -thank you