Dectet's volts

I live in a 220v country. Thus, my audio system runs on 220v.
I recently bought a DECTET which is 110v.
If I use a step-down transformer for the DECTET, could I then plug my 220v audio system on the DECTET?
OR, IS IT POSSIBLE TO PLUG the dectet directly to 220v?
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Your Dectet needs to see 110V.
Your audio system needs to see 220V.
You need to step down the 220V mains to 110V for the Dectet, and then you need to step up each outlet on the Dectet to 220V for each component of the audio system.
Not very practical, and likely more expensive than buying a 220V Dectet in the first place.

Alas, Amazon did not offer that option. And, maybe I read badly the write-up on DECTET and I quote; “the power input, are available on the Dectet regardless of what country or voltage system your system runs on.”
What to do now?..

It also says on the Amazon website, in the customer questions and answers section, that it is not suitable for 220V operation.

I wonder if there is any way around this predicament…
Not after any warranty anymore, and exchanging it for something could be too much of a hassle.
Is it possible to replace the power supply inside, and make it compatible to 220v?

No, because the over-voltage protection software is also part of the equation. Suggest you sell it and buy the 220V version Dectet.

That is the best solution indeed.
Now I have to learn how to sell it and where to buy the 220v version.
Thank you very much.

If there is anybody there that could help; or has any other idea, kindly chime in.

Use the dealer finder tool on the website.

List it for sale in the forum market place.

Thank you again.
Have a good one!

To any PS Audio engineer or Paul if you please…

Is there any 220v configuration inside the 110v DECTET?
Could there be a switch inside that would make it 220v; or is there a transformer inside that could be replaced thusly making it into the 220v version?

Thanks and cheers!

From the product manual:
“If you need to operate the Power Center at a voltage other than the voltage it was
designed for, contact your dealer, distributor or the factory.”

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Done that. Through PS Audio “Contact Us”. But, since they are on a Christmas break, and I laud that, I have to wait for their reply. Just have to listen to my audio system without DECTET --and that is not a problem; its all about the music after all.

Thanks and Cheers!

Re Amazon, try a return, in absence of a warranty, the seller may still make a cash refund. Good Luck

Thank you for your input. But, I am overseas and returning it is too much of a hassle; and might not be really cost effective. In the meantime, I shall wait for PS Audio’s advice if there is an internal configuration or would replacing its transformer inside would do it (since there is a 220v version).
Again thank you and Cheers!

Keep your options open. I am a big, big fan and believer in PSA; and perhaps they could convert your Dectet to 220. (I own 2 and love them). Contact James in customer support, I think he will discuss all possible options with you. While waiting for PSA, see if you can obtain a refund to factor into your cost analysis.
Also, you could put your Detect up for sale. If you do, be sure to tout their surge protection ability, I am not sure people appreciate that feature. It was one of the two top reasons that I bought a Dectet.

Merry Christmas,

Thank you!
Since I have been watching “Ask Paul” for quite some time now; I am a fan. And this Dectet would have been my first PS Audio gear to be incorporated into my stereo system. Looking forward to hearing from them, after their Christmas break.
Also, I have inquired about its return via Amazon to its seller Audio Advisor Inc.
Have a good one and Cheers!

Audio Advisor is pretty good to work with, and hopefully something can be worked out.

Looking forward to it and thank you.

There is nothing user-serviceable inside a Dectet. An end user can’t update the software, it needs to go to the local distributor for that. You’re going to have to ship it somewhere to have it converted.

The difference between the 120 volt version and the 230 volt version is the value of the protection devices and the firmware that senses over or under voltage. That has to be changed at the factory.