Decware "C" Zen Amp with Modifications by builder Eddie Vaughan SOLD

I’m offering up for sale a Decware “C” Zen amplifier from Decware that was modified by builder/guitarist Eddie Vaughan.

This is a 2 watt per channel single-ended amplifier that uses pentode tubes (EL84 or SV83 or E6P15-EV) in triode mode. . . a circuit that has only one resistor and one capacitor in the signal path. Excellent with speakers 93 DB or higher in efficiency and without complex crossovers. It has two switchable line level inputs. It has a volume control but that has been disabled in modification so that is a power amplifier with no gain adjustment at the moment.

I am the third owner of this amplifier and I really don’t know too much about it. I know that one modification performed was to convert this to a power amp only–the volume control has been bypassed. It’s possible that this has also been modified to perform better with EL84 tubes as it does seem to excel with those. It seems possible that there is more power or headroom with this amp than the usual C amp–it’s been so long since I heard an unmodified one that I can’t tell, but this amp does have a warm and powerful sound to it.

I have a beautiful maple case for the amp that I am including with it. The amp functions perfectly. I bought it five years ago to use while my Torii was in service, and it was used briefly on and off since then. It has two inputs and a big and low bias setting switch. I’ll include both EL84 and 6P15 tubes and stock rectifier and input tubes and a power cord.

I’ll pay shipping within the continental USA (and I do not wish to ship outside the USA). Price: $450.00. If interested please contact me . . . Thanks.

This amp has sold! Thanks Rob!