Decware Torii Mk II "Integrated" amplifier witch cocobolo wood base [withdrawn] FOR SALE

I have for sale one of the first Torii Mk II ever built, made for Decware’s speaker builder and woodworker Bob Ziegler (Ziggy) and I am the second owner.

Bob made a beautiful cocobolo wood base for this amp that truly is one of a kind. Before it was sent to me Steve both installed the “Christmas Comes Early” (Hazen Grid) mod and installed a pair of the Treble Cut Circuit Controls.

This is a very interesting sounding amp with a bit more “romance” to the sound imo than the Torii Mk III amps that I also have used. It has 25 watts per channel output and with tube rolling can be tailored to match your system and tastes. No preamp is necessary with this amplifier as it has a volume control.

I will ship with appropriate tubes including NOS rectifier and regulator tubes and brand new EL34 tubes and a new stock power cord.

There are a few scuffs to the finish which I have pictured below.

I’m asking 1600 dollars including shipping within the continental United States. I do not wish to ship to other countries. If interested please contact me at

Still available

I’m reducing the price to 1500. I will include both original rectifiers and input tubes and NOS alternates.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. . . this amp is not for sale. My wife says “It’s too pretty to sell,” so I am keeping it to use in my second system and making another plan. Thanks for the interest from those who wrote to me!

Thanks for changing the heading Elk.

I understand your change of heart. :slight_smile:

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