Decware Torii Mk III 25 watt per channel "Integrated" Amplifier for sale SOLD

I am offering one of my two Torii Mk IIIs for sale. This is an early one, purchased in 2010, has the Hazen Grid Mod (Christmas Comes Early) and a stepped attenuator and treble cut circuit. White top of course, white chicken head knob, walnut case. Cosmetically 9 out 10 I’d say, a few small scratches on the walnut casing from use. In 2013 it was sent back to have Jupiter Beeswax caps installed.

This is a power amplifier with two inputs and a gain/volume control (stepped attenuator). Can be used like an “integrated amplifier” without a preamplifier.

I will ship in a Pelican case for the Torii and will include stock Ruby rectifiers, Western Union OA3 regulators, Raytheon OC2 regulators, 6N1P input tubes and Tung-Sol EL34 output tubes.

I will only ship this within the continental USA. The price including shipping is $2,100. If interested please contact me at or via PM. Thanks!
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Lon–saw your name below mine on the production list. Ron

Ha! Yeah, I’m hoping my build hits the bench soon . . . . I really don’t need another Decware amp, but I couldn’t resist getting the new 25th Anniversary Monoblocks!

I just gave back an SE84UFO that I borrowed from a friend for two weeks. I ordered the balanced version. I must say it was 2 stunningly glorious watts thru my Zu’s --or his Devore’s.

Yes, amazing fidelity and surprisingly compatible with many speakers.

This amplifier has sold! Thanks.