Detect Power Center Zones?

I have a modest Home Theater/Audio system that I am now running through a newly purchased PS Audio Detect Power Center. My system consists of a Denon 4300 AVR, Onkyo TX-SR876 (Driving FCR speakers), Samsung BD-J7500 Bluray, Tivo Roamio DVR, Apple TV, Sony CD Jukebox, Sony VHS Player, Techniques Cassette Tape Deck, JVC L-A31 Turntable, and LG 65EP OLED TV, all configured in a 7.2.4 layout. I’m a little confused as to which components to attach to which zone on the Detect. For instance, the manual identifies AVRs and large screen TVs as high current items. Since there are only 2 high current sockets and I have 3 of these items, which should go to one of the other zones? Also, how should the other items be divided between the zones, or does it really matter?

It doesn’t really matter. The devices in your component list, none of them are power hungry to the extent that they should be plugged into a HC outlet.

HC - Denon & Onkyo
Group A - Blu-ray, DVR, Apple TV, LG TV
Group B - VHS, Tape, Turntable, CDP

I would keep most of the video items in one zone. Assuming you don’t play VHS at same time with other items in group b.

Hey guys, thanks for the response. buster free, turns out I had hooked things up just as you suggest, and so far everything sounds great!

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