Digital Attenuation

To clarify, the noise I’m hearing requires that I be within a few inches from the tweeter/woofer to hear. Most of it comes from the BHK and the particular valves I’m running currently.

I didn’t mean to characterize what I hear is ‘noisy’ or negative. My system noise is in no way objectionable or even noticeable by anyone but me. Of course, only my significant other and two dogs have listened to it.

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Thanks Ted, I can also do the opposite -say keep the amplifier’s volume fixed and play at reasonably high levels (still with the attenuator on), I’m controlling everything with a Logitech Harmony anyway.

Having said that call me deaf but so far I haven’t noticed any difference noise levels wise (attenuator).


My DSJr is annoyingly noisy without the attenuator in and my speakers are only 90db sensitive. Kind of frustrating to hear that most folks’ are dead silent.

Is dc offset ever an issue?

Ted, a fellow member in the forum when discussing the default volume levels in the wake of the Windom release stated you suggested that “the DS output has a transformer and if the signal is too high, saturation of the core may occur, which will cause distortion…” I have a Krell preamp and have always set the volume to 100 and never experience any audible distortion. If my unit shipped with an attenuator I’ve no idea where it is. My only concern is this reference to “damaging the core.” Is there any basis in your experience with this concern? Congrats on Windom update, BTW. SUPERB!

No, there’s no problem with any volume level and the transformers. People seem to be jumping to conclusions without a lot of info about the transformers.

Use whatever volume level sounds best in your system, some used to like somewhere around 84 with their preamp’s higher, but with Windom most will probably like higher levels as well, but it really depends on your system and preferences.


Thank you, Ted, and good to know. As they say, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” I am beyond ecstatic with your work on Windom. Transformative. I use Pure Music to stream Redbook CD ripped files as well as high res, and I find that preamp volume settings in a range between 65-75 on a 1-100 scale work beautifully. Using Pure Music attached to iTunes I defeat PM dB by “3” and it seems to strike a perfect balance. Thanks again; you rock!