Digital Link III and Windows 10 USB Audio CODEC Driver

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 and have been unable to get Windows to give my Digital Link III more than 48k/16-bit input. Are there any registry hacks or driver kits that can be used to get things back to 24-bit? Appreciate the help!


Have you installed the PS Audio USB driver?

Thanks, Elk!

I downloaded “PSAudio-USBAudio2.0DriverLatest” which, when setup is launched, displays “Welcome to the USB v1.61.0 Setup Wizard”. Stepping through the wizard, I hit this error when it attempts to detect my Digital Link III:

“Setup requires that the device is plugged in. Please connect the device you want to install and make sure it is turned on. If your device is currently connected, please unplug and replug it.”

Also tried manually installing the driver (the old school “have disk” method) using “PS Audio” but the driver failed to load.

Hmm . . . I just looked at the instructions and, if I am reading them correctly, the Digital Link III does not used the USB 2.0 driver.

I suggest using Device Manager to uninstall the DL III, restart the computer, and try plugging it in again.

My hope is someone with specific knowledge of the DL III will chime in to help.

You are reading correctly, in previous versions of Windows the DLIII did not need a driver to receive 24-bit audio–not sure why MS decided to break it in Windows 10. I’ve tried uninstalling the device and reconnecting it but got the same results. Appreciate your responsiveness and if I come across an answer I’ll post it here in case someone else is having the same challenge.

Thanks. This is a tough one.

Windows 10 has been a challenge in some respects. :frowning:

The DLIII was USB 1.1 and required no external driver. Windows and Mac should support it. If you’re still having a problem, give our service guys a jingle and they’ll help you get right.

Thanks, Paul, I will!

I have the same issue with the same device. Is there any way of solving the problem?

Welcome, zhouyi311!

Welcome @zhouyi311! A few people have been running into USB connectivity trouble when updating their computer’s OS. What seems to be working lately is to restart everything thing in the system. If this doesn’t work, try a different USB cable as well. Keep us posted.

Thanks, @jamesh for your kindly reply. I can see that is a windows 10 thing. My old pc, which had been attaching with this device for years runs a Windows 7, doesn’t have this issue. However, to restore system on my windows 10 pc seems to be a little bit unrealistic to me. I will try to use some different USB cable and different USB port definitely.

I’m not really an expert on those audio devices. Also very confused by all those audio settings on my system. The only thing I know that been said online is that I should match the signal frequency with DAC and use 24bit format on system output.

In addition, what about an optical cable (I see an optical output on the machine)? Will that solves the problem? Or any downsides?

If I understand right, the DLIII connects to your Windows 7 machine but not your windows 10?
The optical input will certainly work, but I recommend USB. There are fewer limitation of the sample size with USB.

The problem is in the screenshot below. I did a little bit of research online, could not really find a solution for it. I tried to uninstall device -> restart -> replug-in DAC -> reinstall driver… Just didn’t work.

Are you not able to set this device as the default? There should be a little green check mark next to this device.

I just set it as default. My issue is that my highest format only gets 16bit 48khz…

I just tried one here and got the exact same result. Must be a limitation with the USB input.

The DL III up-samples to either 96k or 192k but its input may have been limited to lower resolutions. The manual just talks about CD players and transports providing 44k/16 bit inputs. This DAC is pretty long in the tooth at this stage (I have one in my basement that I’ll probably trade in at some point).

Do you have any DAC upgrade/replacement suggestions?

Well, there’s the Direct Stream and Stellar Gain Cell DAC. You could also look for a used Direct Stream Junior or NuWave DSD DAC. I have one of the latter in my second system and it still sounds quite good and had no problem with high resolution files over USB.