Digital Link III USB Input Volume Control

Question: I’ve used a Digital Link III DAC (TOS & COAX) for several years and love the sound. Currently, I use a Squeezebox Touch for streaming TIDAL & Pandora with full selection and volume control using iPeng app on my iPhone 6. I wanted to sample listen to TIDAL Master albums using the USB connection port on the DLIII and my MacBook Pro with the TIDAL desktop app. I use Martin Logan powered speakers which have no volume control there. The sound flows through, but it’s loud and I can’t locate how to control the volume from the laptop. Any suggestions/answers from Apple MacBook users or others attempting the same?

Does the USB input not respond like coax and tos? Is the USB circuitry too old for more current laptops?

You’d need to install a program on the laptop to control the source and level, like iTunes, JRiver, or Roon.

Paul McGowan said

You’d need to install a program on the laptop to control the source and level, like iTunes, JRiver, or Roon.

I stream 98% of the time using TIDAL & Pandora. I’m surprised the TIDAL app doesn’t offer similar control. It does allow to set output to “USB audio CODEX” and has an audio volume slider, but it’s not effective in controlling volume. Could there be a problem with the DL3 DAC’s USB being older vintage or do we blame the TIDAL app?

Roon is MQA compatible, but it’s overkill for me and an extra $20 @ month.
JRiver is currently not compatible.
iTunes is not compatible and can’t be used without a subscription.

The Tidal app has a volume slider? I was unaware of that. It likely only operates the computer’s internal soundcard.

There’s nothing wrong with the DLIII. You just need a program like I described that’s an actual server - though I see the problem. Not sure what would work for you.

Call PS Audio Service and spoke with JAMES. What a great guy to work with!

We worked through the various issues using the MacBookPro as a music streamer, but with no real success. My Squeezebox Touch music streamer works perfectly with the DL3, so it’s still something of a mystery.

I remembered I had an alternative with USB input, a W4S mINT. Everything then worked perfectly there, however the mINT has preamp/amp and volume control.

For future design considerations, consider feasibility of built-in A/B circuitry for products: A) PS Audio proprietary sound processing, or B) MQA chip-based processing. Likely cost prohibitive after royalties (?). Just thinking outside the ‘box’.

Thanks again Paul for your outstanding quality company and products.

Thanks for the kudos!