Digital recordings show as 16-bit


I just started using digital recording and a PS DAC. All my reocrdings show up as 16 bit on the Direct Stream. Is this due to the way I recorded them or something else?



Most likely they were recorded as 16-bits. if you use a PC you should be able to check the files by right clicking and selecting the right thing (audio properties?). If a Mac, if they are AIFF files the finder will usually show the bit depth. However, if the bottom 8 bits are empty the DS may show them as 16 bit even though the properties indicate 24.

I just looked at my ripping of Peter Gabriel SO 2012 re-master properties that I am almost sure is supposed to be 24 bit recording and it shows me 16 Bit 44,100 hz. I am ripping these via JRiver into an Intel NUC mini. Do you know, is there some setting I need to be aware of ?



If the disc is a CD then it’s 16 bits. If it’s a DVD-A, Blu-Ray, etc. it may be 24 bits.

A lot of CDs are mastered in 24 bits and may advertise that on their covers but that doesn’t mean they are delivered in 24 bits (since that’s not possible on a CD.)

I just did a bit of digging. The 2012 remaster of Peter Gabriel’s So is 48KHz/24-bit, but only as a download (from B&W with whom Gabriel as a marketing agreement).

As Ted notes, CDs are always 44/16, regardless of the sampling rate and bit-depth of the master. Thus, if you ripped the music from a CD it will be 44/16.

My guess is that everything is fine and as it should be. laugh

Awesome. Thank you.

I thought I was doing something wrong and may have to spend another 30 hours re-recording what I’ve already ripped.

Have a great day! itwasntme_gif

With a HDCD you can get 20 bit.

Yes, but only deliberately while employing an HDCD decoder- such as when ripping with Foobar with the HDCD plug-in. I doubt anyone experiences this by accident. And there are relatively few HDCDs.