Direcstream USB drivers with Windows 7 64 bit


I recently changed my PC running Jriver20 from an old Sony Vaio with windows 7 32bit to a new PC (Gigabyte Brix i5) running windows 7 64bit, I installed the DS USB drivers without any apparent problem but now Jriver recognise only ASIO and kernel streaming output device while before, with win7 32bit, I saw also wasapi and directmode, wasapi was my preferred output device.

Are you aware of any compatibility issue with win7 64bit? I tried to reinstall several times the drivers but with same results, I also tried to reinstall win7 64bit.

Hope somebody can help me on that.

Have you tried reinstalling J River?


I did it when I reinstalled win7 the second time

I use Windows 7 64-bit and have never had a problem with the DS USB drivers that I can blame on the OS.

On the other hand, for my and my system, JRiver often takes work to get working if I haven’t used it for a while or when I get a new release. For me JRiver MC 19 is much more stable than 20 and does what I need for audio.

Still in JRiver have you tried the “More” at the bottom of the device selection? On my system that gives the rest of the PS Audio driver modes.

On the gripping hand with the USB drivers for the DS ASIO and kernel streaming usually work at least as reliably as WASAPI.

Yes I did but I can find only kernel streaming there. I’ll try to reinstall Jriver as suggested by Dennis. Let you know if it works.


Problem fixed, it was not related to USB drivers or Jriver, I’m using this new PC headless and control it via windows remote desktop connection from another PC in my studio, I found I had a wrong parameter in WRD regarding audio control, after I fixed it all the output devices are now shown in Jriver.

Thanks for your support.


Excellent news.