Direct Stream/Bridge II/ Mac Mini Problem

I have a Direct Stream with a Bridge II that was just back in Boulder because the DAC would not hold the IP address after it was assigned. Dave and company could not find a problem.

Since I got it back I have been able to assign whatever IP address I set up on the DAC but cannot get it to play music. Only the internal speaker of the Mac Mini plays. I have tried both crossover and straight Ethernet cables with no change. I use Amarra which does use iTunes to work. I tried just iTunes alone and still no luck. I did read in another post that iTunes will not work with the Bridge to output signal.

I will not change from Amarra to another program. Is this a problem without a solution and should I just ask for my money back on the Bridge II?

Have you tried another input on the Direct Stream to make certain it works?

If iTunes in fact will not stream over Ethernet, only USB and optical - and you refuse to change software - you may indeed be stuck.

Thanks, Elk. Yes, USB works. If that is the case where the Bridge won’t work then PS probably should have the dealers qualify the buyer’s situation to see if a Bridge won’t be a waste of time.

I will call PS tomorrow to confirm if no further responses come in.

If iTunes will not stream over Ethernet, this is not a Bridge problem but a limitation of iTunes. If my understanding is correct - it may not be, I do not use Apple products - then you will need to switch to a program which does stream over Ethernet.

There are many programs that do, but I need to defer to my Apple loving brethren and their advice in this regard. They will also (and should) correct me if I am wrong about iTunes.

My understanding is that Apple Airplay is not supported by the Bridge, so you would need to add an Apple device (Airport Express or Apple TV or a third-party Airplay device) with a digital output, almost certainly Toslink, you can connect to the PS DS. You may not be happy with the sound quality from this so I’d recommend that you install a server program on your Mac mini.

As elk says there are many programs you could use for playback. Personally I prefer MinimServer which I’ve run on a Mac mini, iMac and (now almost exclusively) on a NAS. My music library is still in the iTunes format - I setup the server software to point at the music folder within the iTunes library folder - so I can always revert to using iTunes for local playback if I wish.

My colleagues are correct. iTunes will not stream to the Bridge as iTunes is not a UPnP server. As noted above, you could install server software that uses your iTunes library and keep using iTunes to organize things but as far as I know Amarra and similar products simply will not work. From your description above it sounds like you may be connecting your Mini directly to the Bridge. I know people managed to do this with Bridge 1 but I don’t know if it can be done with Bridge 2. Generally it always seemed a lot easier to go through a router. Or go with a direct USB or Toslink connection, as discussed.

+1 on minimserver. You don’t have to give up Amarra, just run minimserver to the Bridge II so you can compare the sound. Most find the B II to have better sound quality than USB.