Direct Stream Dac

I have a issue with the screen of my Direct Stream Dac , upon power up the screen remains a white blank . I tried rebooting the dac a acouple of times however that didn’t work . Using the remote for choosing input I’m able to listen to music from my DMP,.

Thank you for replies.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this and so very sorry to hear that you are having this trouble.

The screen being white like this is either a sign that the display driver was corrupted or that the PCB has a failure of some kind.

We recommend first powering off and un-plugging your device for 10 minutes.

Then try powering it back up.

If you still have this issue try re-installing the firmware.

If the screen is still acting up then please reach out to us at

We’ll get it taken care of.


  • Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy,.


Me too, overnight. Seems to be related to a power blip… P10 did not protect it.