Direct Stream Memory Player yields more problems

I cannot even list all the problems I am having with my Direct Stream Memory Player, with each new software SD card, the player performs worse. At this point in time it won’t even play a disc, I have never seen anything like this failure rate, and I could certainly use some assistance, hopefully be shipped a new unit with the newest software.
This is not something I have not called the engineering people at PS Audio about, I continually call asking for help and am told at least 3-5 people call with multiple problems with this Direct Stream Memory Player each day, every day of the week.


Can you give more detail on what problems you are having and what PS Audio has told you? There are other threads discussing the issues and I assume you have been following them. PS Audio is certainly trying to help all DMP users, but some are just having problems they have trouble duplicating. Personally, I haven’t had any serious problems with updates, though I have not tried any of the 3.0x series updates due to my system being temporarily down.


When I installed this last version that was sent to me, 3.07, the player simply loads and the display says READING, and it stays in that mode. I tested for 10 minutes. If I use the remote and depress the play button again, the display changes and you see the disc tracking on the screen, however there is no sound, and it appears the player is not playing in real time, as the tracks are changing very quickly, I would guess it is tracking at double time or faster, but as I said, no sound so I’m guessing.

This is the last of my concerns, but I have given input to TJ and other folks at PS, that most people want to place a disc in their player, hit the PLAY/PAUSE button on their remote and have the player load and begin playing, once the data is loaded. This is desirable in my opinion as this particular player takes about 20 seconds to load, at which time it could begin playing automatically, but it does not. I have to come back to the player after the 20 second load time and hit the PLAY/PAUSE button a second time to begin play. That is NOT the case now, as it won’t play at all, but I have wanted to get that suggestion to you since I purchased my player. TJ said many people do not want their player to begin play when loaded but be in the ready to play mode, which I do not like, so I suggested to TJ, fix the software where the player will load and not play when the load button is used on the remote and when the user hits the play/pause button to load the player, it will load and play without pushing the play button a second time, the best of both worlds for everyone. An extended load time is not an issue when the user can depress the play/pause button and his player loads and then automatically begins play, but to have to sit there and wait for the loading process, 20 seconds or so and then have to push play/pause button a second time is not a good solution in my opinion. Since I am speaking with you I wanted to let you know about this, as I have suggested this to several people for months and months and months and they keep saying it is being updated, but it has not been. Paul, it just makes the poor customer wonder if anyone has even brought this up to you.

I will gladly sit in front of the player if you or someone calls me and we can review every function and hopefully learn what is going on with this player. Thank you so much for getting back with me, it’s sincerely appreciated.

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Does the ‘reading’ issue you mention in your first sentence occur with every disc or only specific discs? If it’s with specific discs, would it be possible to list a few of those (including label and cat#) so someone else might try to duplicate this fault?

It is doing it with every disc

Paul, the reading issue now appears to be doing it on every disc and these are new discs in perfect condition and I can immediately take them out of my player and put them in another player and they work fine. If you would like a real good view of what is happening, I can FaceTime on my Iphone and go through everything, where you can see, as if I were at the factory with my player, I would be glad to do that if it would help.

Would it be possible to post a photo of the DMP’s screen when it is skipping through the tracks with no sound, please?

I believe our senior engineer, Barry, will be getting in touch with you to figure out what’s happening in this particular case. Sorry you’re having any issue at all.

Hi Paul:

I’m back again this evening, just wanted to make you aware my memory player is locked up. I spoke to Mark today, I did not have Barry’s number, so I could not reach him. Mark sent me (4) files to FLASH my drive, I suppose this is a clean up, but it did not work. I have a Beta test firmware Barry did for me and it has been working, but as of today the entire player is locked. All I can get it to do is display a screen that says initializing, it won’t do anything else. I cannot remove the disc, cannot change screens, the remote won’t work at all, I can’t change anything by touching the screen, the entire player is locked and will not work. I sent messages to Barry, however Mark said he was in Chicago, and as I understand is no longer at the factory location. Paul, for future reference, is there anyone at PS that really knows what is going on with these players and how we can fix it and LOCK the fix. Mine has been working, but today I loaded a disc and the disc won’t eject, it’s just totally locked. Help please!

Out of curiosity, what did they do last October to get your DMP “operational” again?

My guess is firmware 3.14 put things in order for him as well as mine. Now my DMP plays discs and memory sticks just beautifully.

Score that one to the happy customer list. I assume your DMP is connected to a PS Audio DAC, right?

Yes, a DS senior. When Snowmass 3.0 came along and Bridge II firmware and app updates made TIDAL streaming stable, I actually thought I had found GOLD … Yes, I am a happy customer (my P15 interface froze yesterday, but that has only happened quarterly, and now is a good time to install the last P20/P15 update :slight_smile: . I think I’ll try Snowmass 3.06 as well to hear what all the talk is about.

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Wow, we’d better write you down for 2.99 ticks on the happy customer list. Quite an achievement, fair chance you must live in 120V land. The GOLD shines for you!

I like your comments, Brodric :slight_smile:

230 V is the setting on my P15, by the way

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Good grief. 962 people also liked my comments. I’m on a roll. Just don’t tell the Superfans :laughing:

That is quite exceptional and automatically doubles your count in the happy customer list. Put you down for 5.98 ticks on the happy customer list.

If it wasn’t connected to a PS Audio DAC… you would not be able to play SACDs in 3.14 (and 3.13). Yes, I know, I’m repeating this over and over wherever it fits in. Otherwise still some of the older hiccups in 3.14 for me, but seems to be more reliable.

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And that is why I assumed his DMP was connected to a PS DAC.

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I know. But you know what I know, but maybe not every naive soul who is reading this, knows it. So I just took the oppurtunity to spread the information. :innocent:

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