Directstream Bridge II - fails to show up as Roon Ready enpoint

We are installing the Directstream DAC on a network where the Roon Core is also on the network. Network in the DAC shows as “green” and is pulling a valid IP, Subnet and Primary DNS. However, the Gateway and the secondary DNS show as

An alternative connection allows for proper operation. Using a Mac Mini as a Roon Bridge and a USB connection to the DAC, we are able to connect Roon via an on Network Device operating through the Mac Mini.

Any suggestions on how to allow the PS Audio Directstream DAC to show up as a Roon Ready device in Roon, under the Settings, Audio section?


Check the version of bridge firmware with mconnect on an android or ipad. Make sure you are running at least 2.7.11.


Thanks Dennis. It looks like the bridge is 1.2.5. The PS Audio download page shows a 2.15. I downloaded the upgrade file to an SD card, but it does not seem to pick up an upgrade when I reboot the DAC. Do you know any instructions for upgrading the Bridge II?


Does the DS Bridge screen show that an update is available? That’s the normal way to update Bridge firmware.

Email me at You can’t upgrade the bridge via an SD-card. Currently you need access to a windows system.