DirectStream cover art not showing

This has never worked until I was doing the Snowmass update and came across an article that suggested leaving the memory card it.

I left the card in and it worked. Worked for awhile anyway. Back to no cover art again even with the card in.

I’ve attached a image showing all the versions installed. No prompts for any updates that I can see.

Anything I can do to get the art back again?

Thanks in advance

Your Bridge and DAC software are both behind an upgrade.

Ok, that got me pointed in the right direction. Found the articles explaining why the dac shows updated but it’s really not. Doing the updates via MControl now


Still need to do Snowmass V2 by SD card but reboot between each update.

yes, thanks to you both. MControl kept failing to do the update. Did the latest Snowmass update and then the DAC was able to update itself.

Cover art came right up

Glad you got it worked out.

The memory card is in fact required for cover art on the DS Sr.

Just not the one with Snowmass on it, a blank one.

I erase the card and reboot the DAC with the blank card. You can always re-download the firmware if you need it…There is nothing in the artwork file that matters (i.e., it does not store the artwork for all the files you play) so there is no harm in erasing that too and starting over.