Directstream Dac easy fix after sacd play,no regular mp3 etc play solution.

If ps audio could get implemented in its usb drivers to talk with pc’s control panel, device management, and after ie you use it with a program like foobar the sacd,and wanna go back to another program to play regular sound (as it mutes or get lost if changed from sacd sound to regular sound. In device managment it is easy just to deactivate ps audio driver,and then reactivate it,then you can play regular sounds again. Ps audio could fix this problem if it accessed the device managment for the drivers and do this. Voila!!

Cus as we all know we have to reboot pc or do the deactivate/reactivate over and over again,and it starts to annoy me really lots lol

You can already have foobar2000, JRiver MC, etc. sharing the system output and have Windows either mix the outputs (not good if you have loud sound effects or differing sample rates) or use exclusive access for foobar2000, JRiver MC, etc. to keep the system sounds away until the player stops. Playing SACDs works just the same as playing PCM from foobar2000 and JRiver - except for checking that the volume is at 100 for bit perfect output they work seamlessly with system sounds.

Do I misunderstand your wishes?

ie i cant hear sound from youtube,and other video/radio/sites with sounds, if i have or has had foobar open with sacd music,nor any sound from my pc. Thats when i have to restart pc,or do the controllpanel,device management ps audio usb driver reactivate thing. But doesnt allways work.

Are you using things like ASIO4ALL or other tweaks in addition to the PS Audio USB driver and foobar2000? If you don’t have the PS Audio USB drivers installed correctly you might accidentally be using some other driver instead of the PS Audio USB drivers. Also if you simply pause foobar2000 while it’s playing instead of stopping it, it can (sometimes) keep control of your device and Windows wont’ let other things interfere with it.

You also mention that you are SACD’s. Perhaps you want to upgrade to the latest foo_input_sacd - 1.0.5, see post

Anyway it might be better for you to call PS Audio and get direct help since figuring out what’s different on your system that most people’s systems might not be easy.

I found the sollution, i go to start, rightclick it, then go to sound, then 2-ps audio perfectwave dsd and rightclick it, and deactivate, then properties, then furtherst down i scroll to use the device… Jippi. And then i dont need to restart pc :slight_smile: