DirectStream DAC initialization question

I am currently running Red Cloud firmware in my DS DAC, and what I am used to seeing while it is booting is the initialization screen progress bar goes to around 20% and then it goes to the main screen. After that the volume goes to 50 and I manually set it back to 100. Recently I removed the Bridge II card and when I turned the power back on the initialization screen progress bar now goes all the way to 100% and then goes to the main screen. After that, the volume now stays at 100 so I don’t have to manually set it any more. I have probably re-powered (via the rear switch) 10 or 15 times now and it acts the same, everything sounds fine.
I am wondering what other people see on the initialization screen when booting up Red Cloud, Snowmass, and Windom.


Is your sd card installed?

It boots the same with or without the SD card installed. I’m wondering if it’s just timing out now that the Bridge II isn’t there anymore, but the fact that it remembers the volume setting is strange.


The volume setting at boot up is based on whether you have the volume set in the menu as fixed or variable.

I’m surprised that the Bridge would have any kind of impact on this at all with it being a completely separate entity. Unless the settings are set otherwise, with Windom at least, we have it set to boot up at 25 so safety reasons.

I set the volume to fixed at 100 once the firmware is installed. With Red Cloud it would never remember that, it’s something I got used to. Now it stays at 100, that’s what makes this interesting.

I’m thinking that without the Bridge card, the DSD doesn’t need to wait while verifying that Ethernet and Internet are connected.

This is normal behaviour (at least to mine) when I used to have the bridge in it jumped the last 50%. Without the bridge I have to wait ages (1 min 15s) for it to complete. I’ve always assumed it takes longer as it’s trying to find a non existent bridge.

Edit: all firmware updates have behaved the same way for me.

Thanks for the information!
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