DirectStream DAC - Is there too little gain from the DAC?

I have to regret I can not comply with the agreement, as my preamplifier has not arrived at the time.
It’s about this time we move into the summerhouse and are there until 31 October.
I would like to share this review in some stages. The first stage, if my equipment plays right with the preamplifier on my different speakers, especially at the RCA output, I need that for my Infinity speaker. Of course, I will also test this on some of my other speakers. Then I will test the sound level of XLR. Thus, it will not be a review of how it sounds.
I will then make a review of my Infinity 1b with two BHK 250 on the system together with DS and preamplifier.
The last reviews will be from the pre amplifier when my new speakers arrive late in the year.
Good summer…I can get a few signatures on my new pre amplifier Paul … lol

More love from Denmark
I will soon play with this mums hehe
Wisdom Audio Adrenaline D75 + subs 8 x 12" aktivt.

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Wednesday will my new BHK Preamplifier arrive. :star_struck: The little child within me is looking forward to it. hehe.


Good morning USA … Then I got up and went to Copenhagen to pick up my new
BHK Signature Preamplifier: The joy is gone and I have reduced the marketing to zero. Right now it feels like it’s one of my life’s worst decisions I’ve taken, the purchase of the BHK Signature Preamplifier.

(ELK) Skandinavisk navn på dette dyr)

It’s a long way to Colorado…


Don Quixote - Klods-Hans - H.C. Andersen
Little me on my way (600 km) to Copenhagen - All rights Michael Benneke

So how did you go from :star_struck: to :disappointed: in a day and with no indication you even listened to the BHK Pre? This makes no sense, you need to explain. This isn’t the first time you have completely changed your opinion. Seems like you either need a new translator program or some new meds.

By the way, that photo looks like a Moose to me, not the same as an Elk …


Yes, a nice looking moose. But it may be called an elk in Denmark.

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I’ve been out on a 10-mile drive in snowstorm and Easter traffic 700 km. I’ve just returned home and am totally broken after driving, so I’ll explain one of the days. laugh out loud. It’s quite legal to change their positions, I hope it will happen when I get the PS audio equipment added. An extra box came hello today. laugh out loud

My first PS audio problem has been solved. I have received a new remote control price of $ 8,883.69 that price I reduce if I solve all the other props I have with my PS Audio equipment.

Then they are ready for room temperature and they have been burned in 200 hours. So we got up some days. I also got different pipes with all my PS audio equipment. Happy Easter.

Well … something got lost in translation!

We need Al to translate. And then someone to translate Al-speak. :slight_smile:


sorry I’m not quite what you mean her ELK?

(Before I drive further I just want to hear if the volume button should sound like there are big stones in and it seems like it’s loose and can be pulled out … Is it normal?)I do not feel like I’m ready …:sob:

Sorry Michael, it’s an inside joke. Al was a very helpful member of the forum, for whom English was his native language, but he had some issues with “typing”, shall we say. You, on the other hand, are not a native English speaker, so some scrambling of the meaning is expected and wholly acceptable.

If I understand your last post, there is something loose inside the BHK Preamp? If that is what you mean, no there shouldn’t be anything loose inside. Were both tubes still in the sockets?

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So I play … It’s the first time and I get sticks for every press of volume using remote control. It’s the first time I have a BHK 250 on the bass. My first enter and without it’s hot etc … and I only play Radio
But something happened, etc. I was just up to 75 with DAC of 100. A little WAU … now we have to see. I must have solved the other things before I listen seriously.

I am excited for you, Michael. Looks great! Let us know.

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Between between 23 and 24, and between 52 and 53 on the volume control there is a little click.

Every other change of volume of 0.5dB can make a little chiff noise, like the beginning of an organ tone.

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Just stop using the DAC as preamplifier … it’s cold the sounding gets GREAT wau my piano …
I’m excited about the 250 to stay on the thorns my acoustics bass wau shares 150 … HZ. it only played for 10 minutes and the 250 is brand new …It has been an expensive day but Paul is building a new factory lol.

This is every time I press

lol lol It is the volume button itself that is loose and can be pulled out completely…
Well, you think there can be loose pipes that make it click … I’ve watched before I put on power … but turn it off and glow again and thanks …

Doh!! Sorry. That’s awful. My apologies.

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