DirectStream DAC - Is there too little gain from the DAC?

Do not panic…that is least of all my PS audio problems … it can be done and that’s not exactly what I want to conceive of now, but up I can get those clicks every time I press volume. I am too busy in the coming period that I will use to warm up and get refined the audio so I can make the reviews of it etc. Then we look at the volume button … More love from Denmark … sleep well when it gets your turn. It’s my turn now after a long day…lol

My 1ber shout it was time and I think of Arnie Nudell. Thank you bro for 40 years we’ve been driving the same road. R.I.P you are missed.
(Little brother bites your big boys in the gull Paul lol hehe)

There is no doubt. BHK Preamplifier is in the absolute reference class. The people who have heard Infiniy IRS Beta have missed a large share of experience, where they spelled with DS as a pre-amplifier. It’s a completely different experience with BHK Preamplifier on Beta and 1b. The pre pulls all the chords out of the amplifiers. It has solved my biggest problems. “DirectStream DAC - Is there too little gain from the DAC?”, It has it in my opinion and I will never use it as a preamplifier again. More love Denmark


Congratulations Michael! Glad the BHK Pre is working for you.


Thanks bro…

I can inform the PS Forum that we will use the BHK Signature Preamplifier together with our two major new floor speaker models coming december. S40A - S50A, Active all the way. The jungle rumors tell that PS audio is going to use the same DSP system in their speaker as we use in our two new top models

Here is our S400 along with PS audio

I just listened 4 hours to my new preamplifier … Wau wau. It’s the best money I’ve spent on my equipment in a men’s age. I’m in love with my PS audio equipment. It has been a long way with ups and downs. But now it works … I play music now. It really is a big difference as between day and night. Thanks Paul…Thanks to the entire PS audio team and to our Danish importer of PS audio equipment. (PS for using my DS as a pre amplifier, I’m talking about my DAC related to the amplifier and speaker I have in the room. It’s heavy speaker to operate, the 4 different types I use in my PS audio room. So others may be almost happy to use DS’s as pre amplifier. Then we must remember that sound is subjective. I’ll be back to support one of the next few days, so we’ll take care of the last thing. Thank you to the world’s best support.) :star_struck: Thanks to the PS audio forum.:ok_hand::smiley::smile::laughing::blush::star_struck::kissing_heart: Thanks for hate and love.More love Michael Denmark :wink::heart_eyes:


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I suspected this might be the case.

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Michael, I can understand the confusion on this now. What you call an Elk, we call a Moose. Here’s a photo of what we call an Elk. I live in Michigan and we are lucky to have both Elk and Moose in the northern part of the state.

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You need some new meds, bro… lol hehe :blush::wink:

Your photo is a weapiti in our countries.:sweat_smile:
You moose = ELK in our countries. lol

Wapiti comes from the Shawnee waapiti, meaning “white rump.” This describes many of us during the summer.

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On Monday there will be a set of custom built Ice power modules home. Then I gather some bass between them and my BHK 250 that’s on my toes. I have to eat a little camel. The BHK on my toes is the best game player bass amplifier I’ve had at unde 400 watts in 8 ohms. I spend the next three days listening to all updates of my DS. From start to finish.Tomorrow I drive over RCA all day. I am excited about what happens to sounds. On Monday, all the clever hooves are coming to visit the new pre lol

Unfortunately, I have such a box each. Does BHK have to change? laugh out loud


After I’ve appreciated my system: It has underlined the unique machine our DS is. I’ll have to re-eat some of my words again. There will be some music tasks where I only use DS as preamplifier. The optimum solution for me would be if there were parts from the pre that could unite with DS. The DS is a violently fat machine TED.