DirectStream DAC Junior freezing issue

I recently bought a DirectStream DAC Junior, updated it with the current software, Torreys and bridge II. I have two issues randomly occurring. One is that I can’t put the unit into standby either by pressing the off button on the remote, neither by pressing the Logo button on the unit. Another issue is that while using Bridge II, after playing a song with a certain PCM sample rate in a previous listening session, say 176/24, it was stuck at that sample rate when I turn the unit on into operation mode from standby in my next listening session, I can’t play any song, an error message showed up on my iphone “Notice, delays in stream or unsupported file format”. By the way, I am using JRiver version 22 on my PC, music files stored on a NAS, MConnect free version on my iphone 6. Both issues can be solved by rebooting the unit. Please advise. Thanks.

I will post the same at the Direststream DAC forum. Not sure which forum is proper one for this.