DirectStream DAC Snr and Roon

Hi all, got my new DSD Snr up and running. A couple of questions:

1. DSD remote control: when streaming Roon to the Bridge 2, pressing 'previous track' on the DSD remote results in the next track playing, and pressing 'next track' on the DSD remote results in the previous track playing - it's doing the opposite of what I'd expect. Is this a firmware issue or an issue with my remote or my DSD?

2. Cover art: when there is no SD card in the DSD's slot I don't get streaming cover art on the Bridge 2 input. When there is an SD card inserted, I do get cover art on the DSD display. Is this normal for the DSD Snr?

Many thanks in advance

Don’t know about the first question but the Direct Stream (and PWD’s before them) requires the SD card to display cover art using the Bridge (I or II). You can delete the firmware files off of the SD card if desired (they shouldn’t re-load on start-up anyway but are not needed).

Thanks for that!

Can anyone help with the remote control?

Many thanks in advance

In some discussion here recently about the new remote that ships with the BHK preamp and the DMP, it was mentioned that two of the codes were reversed from what they had been on the older DSD remote (the black one with no backlighting). As I recall, but I can’t track down the thread now, it involved the track forward/track back buttons. So probably nothing to worry about in your situation.

This sounds like the exact same problem I have.

Paul, is this the same problem? If so, can the coding be fixed (easily) by the end user or does the remote have to be replaced?

The new remote is different in that area than the old one. There’s nothing we can do to change it. It’s just a matter of getting adjusted to the differences if I am understanding the question. When I first got the new remote I was used to pressing one set for track forward and reverse, the other for skip ahead. It’s just assigned differently on the new one vs. the old one.