DIrectStream DAC Solid Blue Light

Came home today to find that my DirectStream DAC had a blinking blue PS Audio Button. Turned off the power and pulled out the SD Card. Started it back up and now the PS Audio Button is a solid blue but still won’t function. Powered it down for 30 minutes with no luck. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Welcome, smille1021!

You have already tried what I would suggest. Others more clever than I may have ideas for you. I otherwise suggest calling PS Audio.

Might try reloading the firmware on a fresh card and attempt to reflash the firmware.

Agree if unknown to you there was some sort of power event at your house while the card was in and you were gone it may have corrupted.

Thank you all! I will give this a try tomorrow. We did have some heavy thunderstorms last night so maybe it was a power issue.

I would turn it off, pull the power cable for a few minutes, the power on. If that doesn’t work, try reloading the OS. Best to not leave the card inserted unless you have Bridge II and want cover art to display

And then only a blank card.

You might try going to an older firmware version first (if it sees the same version as installed it may not load) and if that works re-load the current one (or whatever is your favorite).

If a new load of FW doesn’t work, I’d also try unplugging everything and trying again. Specially the Bridge if you’re using one.

Did you get it working?

Still at work. Will try tonight and post results. Thank you everyone for suggestions!

No luck. Figured I might as well start by unplugging unit. Waited 15 minutes and then tried to load an earlier version of the firmware (Red Cloud). I’ve updated it many times but watched the update video again in case I was doing anything wrong. As soon as I turn the unit back on with the SD Card in, I get the blinking PS Audio light. I let it go for 45 minutes and still doing the same thing.

This unit does have the Bridge 1. Should I do something special to check this?

Thank you!

What firmware was the unit on when you started this process?

Snowmass 3.06

Yes. Faulty power can be devastating.

That’s what my first DSD did when it arrived at my home, brand new.

Try unplugging the Bridge I, and reverting back to the Redcloud files. Might want to give our tech support guys a call as well to see if they have any more suggestions.

Thank you, will try to unplug Bridge this weekend. If that doesn’t work, going to call tech support next week.