DirectStream DAC (Sr) with Bridge II [Sold]

In black. Pristine condition, I am the first and only owner. Includes the Bridge II and a Hifi Tuning Supreme fuse. Upgraded to latest firmware and in perfect working order.

This DAC sounds incredible, but I am dismantling my system to finance a move.

Will ship in original box/packing materials with remote.

Will accept paypal, buyer covers 3% paypal fees

I am 100% feedback long time buyer/seller on ebay and audiogon (and here).

I’ll take it. PM incoming, just as soon as I figure out how to send a PM here. :grinning:

It seems new users can’t send PMs, but if you reach out to me I can provide PayPal details. I of course just created this account but I also have feedback on ebay/audiogon/etc.

cool, no worries. Let me try PMing you here. Otherwise I’ll find a way to get you my info. I can get a few pics out to you as well.