DIrectstream Dac user in UK - Looking to fit better fuse

As above,

Looking to fit SR Orange fuse in my Directstream, watched the Directstream kit Install video here:

OK, good so far.

All-Thread screws…hadn’t heard the Term before!
A quick spin on the Google machine and they seem to be just a threaded bar or rod?

…is that right?
If so, could someone pitch in please with the correct size I need?

Many thanks.

#4-40 Thread Size, 1-3/4" long should do the trick. I bought a pack of this size screw on Amazon US and cut the screw heads off with a strong set of wire cutters.

If you can’t find something like this, I would suggest contacting PS Audio.

It is possible to do it without those threaded rods. I have been in mine twice. You are basically using fancy tool to unseat the cover clips. A smooth cylinder works as well be wooden dowel or small diameter round shaft Phillips screw driver. Just use towel to not scratch lid on table side.

In the UK we call it ‘thread bar’ or ‘screwed rod’. The biggest problem will be finding someone over here who sells thread bar with an imperial thread!

I had to fit a new main board to one of my DS’s and the ‘all threads’ came with the full kit of replacement parts. It’s a dawdle to remove the cover with the all threads…


Could you do me a favour please and if you get a minute confirm how long those threaded rods are in mm?

If its a standard UTS 4-40 then its not difficult to locate imperial threaded bar…but in 3 foot lengths!
I’m still looking!

Could get longer length and cut to size if I knew the length, but would prefer to get close to the length of the “official” all-thread screws.


Found 1 1/2" 4-40 flathead screws…these could possibly work?
1 1/2" long enough? (ooo-eer)

Unscrew 4 bolts each corner
Allthread 6 turns each corner
Flip Dac right way around
Sit screwheads on surface and push down

Sound about right?

Any ground cables connected to the lid?
The EMI tabs, just a case of not cutting your fingers on them or is there foil I need to watch out doesn’t come away?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sound about right?

1-3/4" is roughly 45mm. I think that 1.5" should be long enough.

If you leave the screw heads on, you would just need to remove the screws once the top piece is loose.

As bstanwick 4 x 40mm .

The 4 screws holding the two parts together are really short in length. There’s 4 long legs attached to the cover bent at a right angle and the screws / all threads screw into said 4 legs. When you separate the two parts you will see what I am attempting to explain…