DirectStream don't see bridge.

I am sorry Alex didn’t get back to you. I hope he got your email.

We have seen a consistent issue with the kit installations. I think perhaps the instructions to upgrade the Bridge first are not very clear because people seem to miss this step until it’s too late. In any case, a DAC is needed to update the Bridge firmware. I will try and get Alex to answer you on Monday. You can get the Bridge rescue firmware and take care of it - although to A&T’s point - you must have a DAC to do this.


It is probably not just kit owners. If one owns a PWD with a Bridge, trades in the PWD but keeps the Bridge (as I did), and then installs the Bridge in the new DS, it’s easy to end up with a non-working Bridge. I hang out in this forum, so I knew about upgrading the Bridge firmware first, but I can understand how some would not know this.

My Bridge II worked for a year or so then disappeared as well after a firmware update to the Direcstream. Nothing has brought it back. I urge people not to buy the Bridge anyways. It’s finicky, doesn’t play nice with most software, and then eventually disappears for no reason. The PSAudio help is sub-par in regards to the Bridge. It is probably an afterthought.

Not my experience…

Not discounting yours, however.

Bridge II Ethernet card is my (nearly) exclusive input of choice. Works wonderfully and is very stable…

My network and internet service reliability, notwithstanding.


My experience is the same as yours. Works great!

Sorry this has been your experience. However as a few have mentioned here, there are a lot of users that thoroughly enjoy it. Not to mention the thousands of happy, quiet users that continue to enjoy it.

Look, I’m a fan of the Direcstream but you have a lot of users who are having problems with the Bridge and, frankly, that’s just too many. It’s indicative of a technical problem and not a coincidence. Refusal to accept that the product is faulty is not appreciated. It doesn’t matter if there are thousands of happy users. There are a significant number of unhappy ones. Please take ownership of the problem. And keep up the good work on the Direcstream.

I am happy for you. I am trying to point out, though, that the Bridge is a faulty device for many others. PSAudio doesn’t take ownership of the problem. They simply say that there are thousands of happy customers. I have dealt with them on this issue before and their refusal to take ownership of the problem is very frustrating. There is a pattern here and I’m pushing back against it. That said, I am a big fan of the Direcstream and am very happy with that product. So I ultimately care about the outcome.

I too got tired of the Bridge2 issues. Glad I did, Aries G2 is better in every aspect. Should be, at $4200!

I had kicked around the idea of a Bridge II with a DSD. After seeing all the posts related to Bridge II issues I waited a year before moving on the DSD. Hoped the issue would be resolved. Decided the Bridge II was not for me. Went with the Innuos Zenith MK III into a DSD; a decision I do not regret.

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