Directstream Jr as a preamp into Stellar M700

I have a home theater setup that is pretty good for movies but not delivering what I want for 2 channel music ( Marantz 8802a and NAD M27). I was thinking of adding the DS Jr and M700 s and supplying the single ended to the M700 with the Marantz output for my movie watching and using the XLR from the DS Jr for my audio listening. Is this feasible or likely to cause damage having them both hooked up?

I believe that is a perfectly reasonable approach.

And how are you going to select between movie mode and music mode with the DS Jr and Marantz both connected to M700? Presumably you have only one pair of main speakers and these are connected to M700.

My idea was just to power each preamp depending on what I was doing. Music power up the Ds jr, movies the Marantz. Unless the DS jr has a bypass mode, which could definately simplify things.