DirectStream Mk2 Gets Award in The Absolute Sound

I was just browsing through the latest issue of The Absolute Sound, which came in the mail yesterday. In the 2023 Golden Ear Awards article there is a section titled “The New Generation Digital Front Ends” (p. 57). The DirectStream Mk2 get mentioned among a trio of DACs that show “that the latest generation of high-end DACs can be a major improvement over the best DACs in their price range even two years ago.”

For anyone who was miffed at the review in Stereophile, this should make you feel better. :grinning:


what are the other 2?

Do the magazine articles eventually make it to the web site (presume no subscription)? Or are there ‘goodies’ only available via subscription?

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Hey akro…
Afaik …the review will be available on line after subscriptions for this issue
has been sent out…maybe then a month…but eventually…

Best wishes

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Hopefully, this blurb will be followed up with a full review of the DirectStream Mk2.


Since this was Cordesman’s blurb in the current issue, hopefully the review will be from him. I feel he has the least baggage among the magazine reviewers.