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directstream / bridge 2 . NAS 416+…then a load of valves

Dear All,

loaded all my mp3 files and got these working with bubble pnp / minimserver /minimwatch etc… so can access with laptop(windows) and phone(andriod). All great works a treat.

Then I loaded some hires stuff AIF, DSF onto NAS.

I can’t see any of these on the phone/laptop, so my album / file count has stayed the same despite refreshing everything etc over and over … BTW the Nas drive doesnt display these files with a music symbol either. But they are all defo on the NAS. I initially had these in a sub folder …but then put them in with all my other files.

What have i missed …or got completely wrong ?!!

So nearly there !!!

I too play music from a Synology NAS via MinimServer, and have used BubbleUPnP as well as other control points. This setup can definitely work with hi-res files.

For DSD files, you need to install the optional MinimStreamer component and tell Minim to send DSD files as DOP, since the Bridge cannot deal with DSD files ‘straight.’ I’m away from my computer with MinimWatch at the moment, but as I recall it’s in the StreamTranscode options and you set dsf:dopwav. Check the Minim help files to be sure about that.

You might have issues with your folder setup. MinimServer has a maximum number of locations where you can tell it to look for music; IIRC it’s eight. (You can have sub-folders with these locations.) You also have to be sure that your permissions are set correctly for the folders on the Synology. I once made some new folders that should have inherited the correct permissions from the folders within which they were created, but somehow they didn’t and the files were not visible. So check that.

DSF files do not display with a music icon for me either (FLAC files do; I don’t use AIFF so I can’t speak to that). But DSF plays fine.

Hope this helps.


yes minimstream allows me to play everything and see everything in library !! WAV FLAC AIFF etc…except dsf still

file comes up on directstream display , but everything sits at 0.00 (on bubble upnp) and refuses to play … in the transcode bit of minimstream i’m using :


do i need to put anything else in there ?

btw the files i’m using are 5.6Mhz DSD - these are OK to play ?

Seem to be making progress, but still not quite there…!! fun tho ?!

Thanks All,


kenc said in the transcode bit of minimstream i'm using : dff:dopwav -- do i need to put anything else in there ?
If all your DSD files are in DFF format, that's fine; if you have any in DSF format (useful for adding metadata), you should add dsf:dopwav
btw the files i'm using are 5.6Mhz DSD - these are OK to play ?
The Bridge (either v1 or v2) is limited to single-rate DSD. So these files will not play. (When Bridge II was being designed, some of us here asked for support for double-rate DSD. Paul explained why higher-rate DSD is very difficult to implement with the Bridge. DSD fans like me regret this limitation but there are good reasons for it.)

Thanks. I’ll stop chasing my tail.