DirectStream USB connection problems


I am just getting up and running for the first time with my PS DirectStream. I have installed JRiver and was trying to use Gizmo to run it but had problems so I went to JRemote which also had problems connecting to my Mini.

The only way I’ve successfully connected to the Mini server is by 1st hooking up an HDMI to my TV and then my tablet somehow connects to the server. Then I can disconnect the HDMI and the tablet controls the server via Bluetooth.

So that I one issue, the bigger issue is that while playing music from the server it skips, pops, and stops playing altogether. the light on the PS goes from green to red when it sees an interruption , the bit rate is 44 and 16bit (is it supposed to be 24bit?? I’m pretty clueless with the technical jargon) I also notice when it stops playing my tablet shows the elapsed time bar moving a hair forward then bounces back to the spot it is stuck at.

I am really new to streaming so not sure if I’ve done something wrong or it is software/hardware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.