Directstream volume control


Surely this is something really stupid. I sat down for a family listening session and my daughter touched something on the DS remote and now all my three dacs are all screwed up. When I touch volume down, the dac does not do one volume step but it zaps all the way from 100 down to zero. Same happens with volume up,command. Goes all the way up. What did I change in the settings? Can’t find anything in the manual.


I don’t know of any “feature” that would do that.

Any chance you have an IR repeater that’s feeding back to itself?

Have you tried to set the volume control on the screen once and see if that changes anything?

Have you power cycled the DAC(s)?

My daughter once got peanut butter in a remote that held a button down at times :)


It appears my spectral preamp remote was somehow emitting a ir signal permanently that interfered with and messed up the directstream response to its remote. I have no idea what went wrong, but things are back to normal after a few power recycles on pressing buttons on the premap. Weird stuff.