Directstream will not turn on.

power supply is turned on to the surge board, the units switch is turned on but no lights come on? Unit is virtually new a few weeks old.

Just a wild shot in the dark … is the display dimmed? Tapping the ON button on the remote should turn on a dimmed display. Otherwise I would turn the unit off and let it sit for a few minutes then try restarting and watching the display to see if anything happens.

I have just turned off the power to the unit, left it off for 5 mins and turned it on - tried the remote on-off button which turn my phonostage on and off successfully but not the Directstream. Normally you hear a click - this is not happening - really weird, any other ideas?

Fuse maybe…

Also try a different power cord. It’s a very remote possibility but I have had them go bad on me before.

A failed power cord is like hearing of a toothbrush which refuses to work.

I have tried a different power cord - same situation!

Also I put a multimeter to the cords end - which confirms there is full voltage.

So I guess Fuse is most likely - but this is not accessible externally so I guess it needs to go back to PS Audio for repair.

The cover can be taken off. . . I haven’t done it but many do it. . . there’s a tutorial on the forum somewhere. I may take a look to see if I can find it… . .

Here, found this thread:

This one also…

Just opened the unit and the fuse on the digital side is blown.

Unusual! But fixable.

I may be crazy but I seem to recall that only one of the DS fuses is operative and the other is a spare (and a holdover from the PWD days). Is that right? If so, just try swapping the fuses.

Yep, only one fuse is used in the DS. The other is a spare.

mikes said Just opened the unit and the fuse on the digital side is blown.
Excellent news. You will be back up and running in minutes. :)

As Lonson said … “Unusual!”. I would try to think back at what you did last before it blew the fuse. The DS does not normally blow fuses, so either you got a fuse that was slightly out of spec or you did something to short it out. If it wasn’t a bad fuse my thought is you were plugging/unplugging an input with the unit turned on. Not sure if that will cause a problem, but always best to be safe. Presumably you weren’t using one of those uber expensive fuses!

Good thinking, but I would not be concerned unless the fuse is replaced and it blows again in a short while.

Odd little things happen which occasionally blow fuses. I replace it and it is again happy for hundreds of hours. Rarely do I have even a guess as to why it first blew.

pmotz said If it wasn't a bad fuse my thought is you were plugging/unplugging an input with the unit turned on.
Except for plugging and unplugging the power cord with the unit turned on, plugging and unplugging any other input or output will not affect the fuse.

Since the unit was new, “infant mortality” of the fuse (or something else if a replacement fuse blows) is the most likely “cause.”

Thank you all, i am off to find a fuse to match the spec.

As Ted and I noted, you have a spare fuse. The other fuse in the DS is not in any circuit so you can just use that one. Or you can buy an upgrade fuse. The Cable Company ( has many choices.