Display questions on PS10

I’m having a terrible time getting the displays set on the PS10. I actually have two units and one of them is slightly better than the other. I’ve consulted the manual, but mistakenly tossed the one page flyer that came in the box. That flyer had the information I need, but I can’t make heads or tails out of these points on the manual. Here are my questions, admitting in advance, that they are probably stupid:

  • How do I get the screen to go off completely, but leave the unit on (so that just the blue light in the corner is on)? Right now, for both units, I can’t get the screen to go off unless I power down the entire unit (I’d rather leave it on, with the components off, but have the unit powered).

  • One of the units has a dimmer display when it is in resting state - if I have to have the display on at all, i’d rather it be dimmer, but again, can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

  • One of the units appears to be possessed. It’s up and running just fine (and the system sounds great), but when I hit the setup key, or scope or home, or any of them, it turns off one of the outlets (and doesn’t bring up the desired screen). Then, I toggle it again and that outlet powers back up.

This is all imminently frustrating, and I’m sure I’ve just worked myself into a non-productive corner, but any deep breaths and straight forward guidance you guys might offer is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Hound Dog.

Welcome to the forum.

To turn off the display, press the display button on the remote. That will eave the blue logo on/off button lit but more dimly.

I don’t know how to adjust the display brightness.

That is very odd behavior. Have you tried rebooting the unit (turning it off at the back or unplugging it)? Is it running the latest firmware (see the Downloads page)?

Thanks for reminding me about the remote. That worked on the first unit (the one that seems to behave just fine). It didn’t work on the second unit (on which it used to work, now that you remind me). I’ve reset/unplugged this thing so many times I can’t count. It’s only about 6 weeks old, so I’m hopeful it’s got the latest downloads. I’ll have to work on that one if not. I’m going to try the company by phone tomorrow - this is driving me nuts (and preventing me from configuring the thing properly).

Thanks. Hound Dog

I agree calling PSA is the next step. Let us know how things work out.

Yes, by all means, call us today.

Spoke with customer support this week, without a wait time, and they straightened it out. No muss, no fuss. Somehow, the display wasn’t calibrated, but a five minute procedure recalibrated it, and all is well. Listening to the Met right now, and it’s awesome.

Very good customer experience.