DLIII Outputs

Hello All,

Brand new to this forum, please forgive any mistakes as I get familiar with how things work around here. I’m having some problems understanding what my options are for the outputs of my DLIII DAC. I have searched the site for this topic, but was not able to find it previously discussed.

I am trying to send the output of the DLIII to two separate systems. I have been using the RCA outputs to feed the aux input on a McIntosh MX-110 preamplifier and this has worked great. I now want to be able to use the XLR outputs on the DLIII to feed the AUX input on a second system (Marantz 2238b). I have purchased XLR to RCA cables and tried the system out. This has resulted in a lower than normal volume output to each of the preamps.

I am not trying to use both systems at the same time, but would like to have the DLIII available for both systems without switching output cables each time. Any suggestions? Will I have to just pick one of the outputs, XLR or RCA, and run that to a switching device to maintain the full output to the system that is selected?

My inputs to the DLIII are a Sony 400 disc player via the optical input and an IPad via the USB input. Sometimes I want the source material to be sent to the McIntosh system and other time to the Marantz system, but never at the same time. Do I need another DAC or just a better understanding of the DLIII?

Updated: went through all the the connections again and tested the system. DAC rca outputs to McIntosh preamp and DAC XLR outputs to Marantz receiver via XLR to rca cables.


  1. DAC output via rca to McIntosh was a full strength signal and sounded normal.

  2. DAC output to Marantz receiver via XLR to rca cables was noticeably lower that to McIntosh.

  3. Disconnected DAC rca outputs to McIntosh and then tried Marantz again, now full output through XLR to rca cables.

Still cant get full DAC output to be systems when cables connected to both outputs (rca and XLR)

I would guess one of two things: the DAC can’t drive both outputs, or there is something about the wiring of the XLR to RCA that’s causing issues with all of it hooked up.

Under normal circumstances, this is not a problem. What I suspect is happening is that when you turn off one of the systems, it is shorting the output of the DAC. Many products mute their inputs when they’re off.

Which means if both systems are on, this should not be a problem. Only when you turn one off. If this is true, then it’s not the fault of the DLIII - and there’s nothing you can do except leave it on - perhaps mute the output?

Thanks for the help, this forum is a great resource!!!