DMP 2.06 update

After updating my DMP to firmware version 2.06 a new option shows up on the setup screen labelled “Clear SS:” I’ve found no mention of what this means or does, so please explain.

Sorry, post title should have been “DMP 2.06 update”

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In addition to answering Bruce’s question, it would be helpful to know something about this update in general. I follow these forums carefully and only saw this mentioned a couple of days ago. I assume this is not the version for which DMP owners have been waiting that will address the functionality problems. What does this version do? Is it worth installing now or is the promised major upgrade coming soon? (OK, I should know better than to ask such a question about software. I withdraw the question.) So just let us know what this version fixes.

Perhaps not of much help, but I went to the download page and 2.06 was the only thing there for the DMP. I downloaded the files and unzipped them on my iPad to see what they were. There are seven files and the most recent date on any of them (three of them to be exact) is February 15, 2017. So this is apparently an old update, however, my recollection was 1.94 was the last update. I’m not at home so I can’t confirm this, but it is perplexing that another version came out quietly (?). confused-28_gif

pmotz said

my recollection was 1.94 was the last update.

That was my understanding also. January, I believe.

I’d have hoped by now that someone at PSAudio would have explained the update and the “Clear SS” option on the setup screen.

While it doesn’t answer the questions about 2.06 (2.04?), this Thread gives an update on the firmware. I think 2.06 may have been a “misfire”.