DMP 3.07 firmware released


Yes, I noticed that too. Definitely better.


It is not your imagination. Every time Barry cleans the code the sound gets better.


One idea that’s crossing my mind more and more is loading different firmware updates for different listening sessions depending on what media you what to use and/or what sound quality you what to have.


OK, now this is really weird:

Upon finishing playing a selected track, I pushed the stop button and the DMP stops…however the screen now shows the meta-data from a disc played several hours earlier, three different discs having been played since the one being displayed.

This is definitely something I’ve not seen until 3.07.


@Badbeef - Blinking, i mean back switch off and on with the same software loading again which is allready on the machine the Button should not blink, just initializing.



RonP - Agree with you; had no real issues except remote responsiveness and it now works perfect. The load went very smoothly as every past FPGA load. I never had issues. One thing I learned early on, listening to the forum (thanks Paul), is to wipe the memory card clean, then load the files.


No, only when I put off and on the backswitch with the same software it should initializing and not blinking that’s what I mean. Only 3.07 has that on my DMP the other software not.



Updating my earlier post:

I retract my comment on 3.07 sounding less detailed and less vivid.

I discovered, a while after that listening session that my right eustachian tube had been blocked. When it finally popped open a short while ago, Viola!, the glorious sound of 3.07 was revealed!


I just attempted to play the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms SACD. I inserted the disk and displayed on the DMP and DSD PCM 24 bit 88khz. I guess that issue did not get corrected with 3.07. I rebooted the DMP than it came up DSD on both. It is tough when you see some gains made with 3.06 lost in 3.07 (slower loading time) and now a couple of clicks when SACD first starts to play, used to get one, and still have to fight some of the old demons. It is getting hard to convince myself to sit down and listen and that is a sad situation. Lets hope there are more fixes to come as this sure does not look like a final to me. One step forward two steps back.


I’m getting the same SACD issues with 3.07 as sixpack1 – 24bit/88khz (no Dire Straits in my house, but this is happening randomly with other SACD’s), multiple pops (all SACD’s), slow loading (all RBCD’s and SACD’s). 3.06 was much better for the above issues (two steps back). SQ of 3.07 is quite good (one step forward).


Is the SD card still installed when the blinking happens?
If so, does it blink with the SD card removed?


Card removed there is no blinking. just initializing.


Update to the post, my transport ow show 3.0.7. When I pull the unit the power cable seems to always hold its place and comes free. In my head if the power cable is removed it is the same as the cycling the power switch.

Anyway, I pulled the unit again, the power cable held its place and unplugged itself as I slid the unit out, I plugged it back in, let it start up, then shut off the unit with the switch, turned it back on and the firmware went through the update process. The firmware now shows 3.0.7 and I see where some things were cleaned up but still had the 3.0.7 functionality while it showed 3.0.6 , regardless it works!

I have to admit I am listening to the SACD of Workingman’s Dead, Grateful Dead an already great sounding disc in terms of quality, but it now it sounds maybe better?

Looking forward to the final release Paul mentions.


I think the sound is better. I never heard my system sound so good before but is some way to get the big track number back on the screen? The little letters of the track playing is too small to see from where I’m sitting.


3.07 installed just fine. Redbook and Sacd discs behaving perfectly. DMP and DSJunior displaying correctly. I don’t use USB sticks or data discs so cannot comment on them. Remote and touch screen are both working for me.

Load times seem about the same. No clicks or other strange phenomenon so far.

Playlist is now up and running OK again.

Sound quality does indeed seem a step up from 3.06.

Many thanks for all the effort that has gone into this release.




My story to an extent mirrors that of other disaffected and disgruntled DMP owners:

It has been one long, hard slog getting to this point in time today from the 12th January 2017 when I took delivery of my DMP… And: it is fair to say, I was more than a tad apprehensive loading up 3.07 operating system, given all the grief I’ve encountered pre & post 2.06, 2.08, 3.06, just to get my DMP to function randomly.
A series of shattered dreams, high hopes all falling flat, praying that the next firmware release would be the ONE……only to end up feeling more pissed off - once again - for the umpteenth time - since taking delivery of a product, touted as the BEST in the business, that plays all types optical media. ‘The Final Transport’. Well, I quickly realized the hype-to-fact ratio was leaning acutely towards the hype end of the scale.

Ok…. Where it stands now: With 3.06 my DMP reads the TOC much quicker, a few other glitches were also addressed but, the 3.06 firmware was also very quirky - a promise of so much that sadly failed to deliver… More pyrite than a gold star firmware ! Yes - 3.06, to me, had improved sound quality over 2.08 but, that said, much of what I liked / what worked with 2.08 was now broken and / or missing with 3.06.

My DMP situation is the antithesis of my DS experience which from day 1. was so sure-footed, blessed with a sound and overall performance so pungent, so distinct and therefore so instantly identifiable.

If it hadn’t been for the forum and the reality that I wasn’t alone - helped me through by reading the frustrations of other DMP owners; Paul manning up to the situation and promising us that PSA would fix all the problems: So, without the forum info I would have sold the DMP within the first year, possibly within 6 months, and I would have just side-swerved PSA from then on. Definitely my crappiest experience from a high-end product !

That said; - since loading 3.07, which I can report loaded effortlessly, and faultlessly - delivering a level of performance, control and sound quality that I expected from my DMP when I shelled out the money.

I have spent the weekend putting the DMP through its paces, a series of tests, some aspects I more than likely will never use but, they should work because that’s what it said on the tin, and what I / We paid good money for.

I realize all systems, setups, rooms, ears, and expectation levels differ – but I can happily report on what I am hearing musically with 3.07: A ‘big step’ forward - with better stage depth & width, an increase in air, space & ambience, improved articulation top to bottom, bass richness, treble smoothness, and midband warmth, etc …
‘But, the all important part, the real reason I bought the DMP was for the musicality, which is now so much better – just so effortlessly natural’ !

Through my system I heard how 3.06 raised the bar with sound quality and with 3.07 the bar is raised even higher. ‘Very impressive’ !

So, to Paul and all involved at PSA, credit where credit is due; - Paul said to me that 3.07 would be a big step forward and indeed it is.

Reading the posts I see some others are still going through it but I can only report on my own situation and experiences and, as it stands, this is the ‘happiest’ I’ve felt since the day I brought the DMP home 20 months ago……now experiencing the feelings I should have felt 20 months ago !!

…I do hope this isn’t premature praise, that the next or subsequent thereafter operating systems don’t upset the applecart again…?!


Also thanks for the release note included in the zip file!


DMP has been a train-wreck in ultra-slow motion since day 1 - that’s 21+ months.
We all know it. We all know the story. No point crying over spilled milk.
We deserve to have our DMP warranty reset back to 3 years starting the day the final firmware is released.


I knew you would be unable to stay away.

Welcome back