DMP 3.09 firmware released


I haven’t experienced the same thing but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I have forwarded these problems to Barry and hopefully he can figure out what’s up. Sorry about that.


Thanks Paul. While Barry, Et al. are thinking about this, I’ll add that the only variable from my end was that this didn’t happen until I powered the DMP down for a couple hours while I was reorganizing my rack. All else, components, usage, did not change.
Finally, since reloading 3.09 again, this anomaly has not occurred.


You know what would be slick (and scary at the same time)? If the folks with malfunctioning DMP’s could hook up to the internet and Barry could look at the code. I know this can be done with a computer, but this (I think) is different. If the code is getting corrupted he could spot it and try to figure out why it is happening. Sure seems weird how different folks have different problems …


The code isn’t being corrupted. It’s been explained that random timing issues in all the different hardwares are causing the issues. The difficulty is in writing a software that can accommodate this randomness of timing.


If the variation in the timing of the Oppo transports is the issue it is almost as if we would all have to send them in to get custom code written to get them to function equally. I sure hope it does not come to that as send a piece this large and valuable is very expensive to ship plus time expensive too. I really do not want to give up my DMP for any time. My unit has been randomly locking up and requiring a reboot to recover with 3.09


This won’t happen, no way. You do not write software specific to the peculiarities of an individual device. The effort required and logistics in doing so would be impossible.


Of course that would never happen. I made the statement only to emphasize the dilemma we are facing. There should not be that much variation in the oppo in the first place. If they could narrow down the units into groups and possibly offer a code written toward the slower responding and faster responding transports than the user could try both to see which would perform more reliably for them. It is kind of what has been happening in that we are seeing so many different reactions to the various releases.


The differences in timing between the Oppo and PS Audio systems was in reference to people having problems loading new updates (comments from Paul in the 3.06 update thread).
The new problems that are being reported here, e.g operation issues creeping in after successful updates don’t necessarily have the same cause.


These things should be tested at the factory and found to be flawless before being sold to customers. Customers shouldn’t have to do any of this hocus pocus stuff to get their player to work.


No it wasn’t. This is what he said: "The remaining bugs are proving to be very difficult, not because we don’t understand them but because they are timing issues. And timing issues that vary from device to device. So, for example, when the play button is pressed there’s a slew of activity that must go on and that activity happens both in the core Oppo mechanism as well as the external PS Audio system…." etc etc

Nothing to do with software updating and everything to do with functional issues.


I didn’t say the code was being corrupted, I said see if it is. As Paul has said the root of the problem is PS Audio software interfacing with Oppo software. Timing issues is what they have identified, though, is that an absolute? And if it is only timing issues, how will they determine worst case without actually measuring the worst case unit? Further, with some issues manifesting themselves several days after loading and working fine there could be other issues.


My point was, there really needs to be a universal fix applied to all. It is just so impracticable to have one guy trying to remotely attend to individual problems. That is what Dennis K was doing, trying to put out spot fires in individual devices. He probably had no time for doing anything else.


The owners manual doesn’t say that (page 13 refers). If what you are saying is recommended procedure it really should be written into the owners manual so people have the opportunity to inform themselves appropriately.


Problem belong them. MSB use the same OPPO optical drive, they don’t have timing issues, or if they did, they’ve dealt with the problem (and dealt with before it was ever sold to a customer).


Totally agree a universal fix is needed, but you need to identify the specific problem you are having to come up with a fix. My point in this is I don’t think they are there yet. Timing issues sounds specific, but maybe it’s too generic. No need to further beat this horse to death …


I would tend to think the timing issues would not have anything to do with the process of updating the firmware and everything to do with the operational issues. When the firmware is loaded there is no communication between the PS Audio side and the Oppo side. the Oppo side has it’s own firmware.


I think Paul has been commenting on both issues then. Below are the quotes about timing issues and software loading being intertwined.

From Paul
I do not believe it does. The problems some have are timing problems between operating systems: the Oppo communicating with the internal PS designed system. None of those system have anything to do with the signal chain.

PaulCEO PS Audio

Aug 22

I think that’s likely not the problem for Dirk. It’s pretty clear he’s doing everything right and just struggling. Some machines have more difficulty loading than others. Our director of engineering think he knows why and he’s been working on a fix that we can implement through (gulp) yet another firmware upgrade. :slight_smile: But once that takes place these random problems that crop up from time to time should go away. The good news it doesn’t require a hardware change so everyone can benefit. The majority of users have no trouble upgrading. But, there are a few machines that are more problematic than others because of the variability in timing and the way everything lines up. I guess this is the case with Dirk because the force code worked.


ElkWrangler, Felis catus

Aug 22

Good to hear there may be a cure for those pieces of kit which are reluctant to load new firmware.


I hope they can extend that fix to the DSJ as well.


Yes, indeed. Newer future product launches from PS Audio will include this feature so customer service can get into your device and see what’s going on (with your permission of course). That’s already planned.

What Barry can do for those willing to help is log what’s occurring in your machine. Using the SD card, Barry sends you a slightly modified version of code and it logs every action then he reads it back to see what’s happening. We’ve been doing this with several helpful customers to find out what’s happening. Very helpful.


To be fair there haven’t been that many variations. Again, this is a case of reading the forums where we have a handful of people posting problems and it would appear there are tons when that’s actually not the case. Certainly cases exist but they are not the majority. The timing issues are solvable en masse. They are a magnitude better now than they were before. We’re getting close.