Do I have Enough Power Regenerator?

I recently bought, and love, Power Plant 12. It doesn’t sweat handling my White Audio 100 Amp (100 Watts Class A), BHK Pre and DS Jr. I’m seriously considering upgrading my 25 yr old White Amp for a pair of Class A mono amps. Specs are (see XA100.8 on far right):


The dual Mono amps with the BHK Pre and DS Jr look to be close to the top of the 12. As these amps are Class A they’ll be drawing near their top continuously. Will I be over stressing the PP 12?

My PP 12 is less than a year old and seems silly (and non-economical) to immediately upgrade. If I’m over stressing the P12 would a 2nd P12 solve the problem, splitting the mono amps across both P12s? Buying a 2nd P12 is cheaper than trading in and buying a P15.

Appreciate your expert advice.

Eesh, I’d be a little nervous trying to pull 900 watts continuous from the P12 with the amps alone. Not to mention the BHK Pre and DSJ. I would recommend getting another P12. Help distribute some of the demands of the system.

I did just that. I originally had a single P10 powering my entire setup. I then upgraded my amplifier from a single chassis dual mono to a pair of monoblocks. This upgrade created a 70%+ load on my single P10. I added a second P10 and distributed the load across the two P10. Now, I have headroom in droves and I worry not about stressing my PowerPlants. Another P12 seems like a prudent solution to your problem.

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Thanks guys. Appreciate the input. Now to contemplate over those Amps.