Do replacements come with burn-in?

The current La Tuna fire in Los Angeles is about 1 to 1/2 mile from my house. If the wind doesn't shift towards us I'll be fine, however, if the wind picks up I'll have to boogie and leave my BHK's behind as I'll probably have less than 15 minutes to get the dogs in the car and out, plus all the other important papers and clothes.

So if my speakers, P10, BHK’s and DS burn up from a fire that sweeps through the neighborhood, is there a way to get replacement units that already have the ‘normal’ type of ‘burn in’?



Be careful and safe.

I’ll avoid the obvious pun.

View from the house:

Sikorsky Skycrane water drop ship. (Super Scooper flew over head before, but I didn’t have the camera out) 250 to 300 firefighters on the ground. Lots of news helicopters and noise.



The wildfires have an extensive impact. Even 1,500 miles away one can see smoke in the air. It can be pretty however and results in spectacular sunsets.

From a 350+ mile high speed ride yesterday (if anyone is curious, it was on a S1000RR).


Many best wishes!

Just got the robo call to be ready to evac at a moment’s notice.

You the fire’s close when the helicopters hover over your own house while they wait their turn to dump water on the fire.

Yikes! Hope things get better. Our thoughts are with you.

How are you doing? Has the fire moved away from you?

Elk said

How are you doing? Has the fire moved away from you?

SSW: I hope we here from you soon with a positive update. Be safe!

On this map my house is just outside the red evac territory on the upper left (northwest), although the official wording puts the evac only to the south of “Sunland” blvd which is at the right (southern) perimeter of the evac zone.

We’re fine overnight, however, I noticed last night that, although winds were calm, embers lofted high from the burning areas and then came down a tenth of a mile away and started a new fire. (This was the live helicopter feed that I managed to get online when the local station wasn’t broadcasting).

But winds are expected to pick up this afternoon and that means the fire can blow right up my street (and ass, if I’m not careful) So we’re not out of the woods yet.



Good news!

I hope you have a boring day.

Elk said

I hope you have a boring day.

I’m inside with the dogs out of the smoke, building my Lego Saturn V:

Building your own escape pod, excellent! Stay cool!

Streets Still Works said

I’m inside with the dogs out of the smoke, building my Lego Saturn V:

Man=Boy; Men=Boys.
scotte1 said Man=Boy; Men=Boys.
He said on a website dedicated to the ultimate audio toys in the world . . . laugh

That’s really scary Streets. Just be safe (people and dogs). Everything else can be replaced.

The fire got to about 3/4 mile from my house Sat at 5:00 AM. Had there been any wind it would have blown right up the street. So in that sense, had this happened a month from now during the Santa Ana winds we would’ve been toast. This was Saturday at 2PM during the water drops: DSC_0454-1.JPGDSC_0495.JPG

Still smoldering this morning just up the street.

Good to hear you are not toast.

Good news indeed.

The guy that owns the “Taco Ranch” opened the restaurant a mere 3 weeks ago, and he lives on my street even closer to the fire. Can you imagine losing your house and business in one day? (Fortunately he didn’t, but I bet he was sweating bullets like the rest of us!)


This would be dreadful.

Are you completely safe now or is there still a threat?