Do you clean your new records?

I got the same preparing to ship message this morning. I am not sure on the import duties question either. I have ordered things from overseas before and never had to pay anything extra.

The delivery company will issue a customs payment before delivery, you just settle that over the internet and then they proceed to delivery.

It will be whatever your local states taxes are

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Looks like the first people are getting delivery of the Huminguru, and so far, feedback seems positive according to kickstarter backers, I’m feeling optimistic!

HumminGuru | All-in-One Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner by Happywell — Kickstarter


Great news, I always like when these publicly supported campaigns work out.

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SpyderTracks, thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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My poorman’s Degritter showed up today. Cleaned a couple of new records. So far so good.


Very nice. Is it pretty straight forward to use? Does it do a decent job of drying the cleaned record or is a supplemental drying method necessary?

Pretty simple to use. Just 2 cleaning (2 mins & 5 mins) and 2 drying (5 mins & 10 mins) settings. At the end of the cycle the records were dry and ready to play.


So total time from start to dry is between 7-15 minutes and it can do 2?

I am starting to hate my RCM. Very manual and cheap. I don’t need a £5k RCM, but I’m starting to eye an upgrade.


Can you tell much difference after cleaning?

I just got my notice of shipping today from FedEx. I expect it will be 3-4 weeks before it arrives, hopefully intact.



I believe the HumminGuru is just a one LP at a time affair, which for me could be ideal or a pre-play touch-up. My primary concern is its ability to dry an LP after the wet ultrasonic cleaning.

Amazing, congratulations!!!


Pretty much hands free. Put the water in and the record, then it does its thing. However, it only does one record at a time.

I am under no illusions about how good this machine may be. I only have some new records to clean at the moment. They do look clean when done. I will need to play some to hear how they sound after cleaning.

I have a few records that are noisy, so I may try using it to re-clean those over the weekend to see if there is any improvement.


I have only cleaned a few new records, so it hard to say how good it actually is. They look clean when done. The real test is if I can run a few dirty records with fingerprints and so forth.

Mine was supposed to arrive next week according to my FedEx tracking number, but it showed up yesterday unexpectedly. Nice surprise with the weekend upon us.


You are correct, only one record at a time. I am thinking along the same lines as you. After this weekend, maybe I will use it to clean records that I have cleaned in the past or if they can use a touch up. I still have a VPI RCM, so I can still use it for used and records that are noisy. I do not see the new RCM replacing my VPI, at least for now anyway.

Drying does not really seem to be an issue at all. Basically, about 40% of the record is sitting in the water when it is working. As it rotates out of the water, it appears to be pretty dry for the most part. After the drying cycle is complete, it appears dry enough to play.

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Thanks! It was a long wait!

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The overall test I think will be how it stands up over time.

I’m ever optimistic about this product, it was quite a challenging task to produce something at this budget.

Really looking forward to your findings.

Few of facts about the machine that may interest everyone.

  1. You only use distilled water. Any other chemicals or solutions voids the warranty. It takes 400 ml of distilled water for a 12" LP. You are supposed to dump the water after each record cleaning. So a gallon of distilled water will clean about 9 records.

  2. You can use it for hour of non-stop cleaning. The manual says give it a 30 minute break before resuming any further cleaning. Assuming it needs time to cool down a bit and not burn it up.

  3. Machine is extremely light. I was surprised how light when I picked it up after FedEx dropped it off.

  4. Idiot proof. You use the water basin to fill the machine from the top. The basin has to be re-inserted in the side of the machine to catch the water when the machine drains itself. The machine will not operate without the basin being in place. Therefore, no chance of water pouring out the side without the basin in place.


If this machine sells successfully, I would assume a 2.0 version would better value with some improvements. I have never used a $3K Degritter RCM or even seen one in person for that matter, but I would hope it is a lot better at that price. 10X better?

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Absolutely, scales of diminishing returns.

But also, if we get some competition at this budget side of the market, where sales volumes will be far greater, hopefully that should reduce the cost of the tech, and bring down the price at the premium end also.

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