Does anyone know this rendition of “Surely”?

No luck on either SoundHound or Shazam. It’s a gorgeous version. :thinking:

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The answer was in the first comment. :man_facepalming:

“For those who have been asking, this track is from my self-titled CD. Thank you to all who have contacted me about ordering it. The CD is available as a hard copy only and can be ordered from my website. I am glad the recording is being appreciated by such fine ears!!”

Someone named Virna Sanzone?

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Found the Discogs

Looks like you can order the CD directly from her site. Nice find. :+1:

Thanks. I had found her website, but it looked a bit dodgy as there were no updates since 2010. Rather than plunk down the money, I sent a message to her provided email address to see if she responds.

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Will be watching with interest. Beautiful voice.
She does appear on a various artist album ‘Condition Human: Songs Of Steve Hunter’. She sings on the first track 'Shades of Grey" and other tracks. Found on Apple Music.

Ms. Sanzone responded almost immediately to my email. :grinning: She is still offering her CD for direct sale, so I ordered it. Coming all the way from Australia. :astonished:

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Will take a look then and also order a copy.